Accounts we serve

Our customer platform is supported by 6 individual pillars, which are represented by INDEPENDENT DEALERS, BUYING GROUPS, DISTRIBUTORS, CHAIN STORES, ONLINE RETAILERS and LAW ENFORCEMENT accounts. 

Independent Dealers

The independent retailer is the foundation of the outdoor sporting goods industry.  Our team has been developing invaluable relationships with our accounts since 2004.  We actively manage all retailers with the highest sales call frequency in the industry. We passionately pursue sales with our accounts by creating “out-of-the-box” promotions to keep our manufacturer’s products selling all year long.  Growing and protecting shelf space for our brands is one of the keys to our strong year over year sales growth.  Our team manages inventories, merchandise products, and train our sales staff which develops store brand ambassadors resulting higher sales out the door.


Two of the major buying groups are headquartered within our territory.  OOS has built strong relationships within their organizations to ensure a competitive advantage by securing premium booth space and powerful purchase programs to set our brands apart for success with their members – not only at the buying shows, but all year long.


Our team maintains strong, long term relationships with top level management, buyers, account sales representatives and marketing teams with our distributors. Daily communication on forecasts, inventory management and creative buying strategies consistently produce higher sales turns and stronger profit margins. Focused digital and print ad campaigns keep our brands in front of their dealers for optimum sales growth.


Constant communication with buying teams and upper management is a key component to our continued growth in this ever-changing, fast pace market channel.  Managing store assortments, sell thru data, forecasting and plan-o-gram designs, keep our manufacturer’s products flowing smoothly through the stores.  We provide merchandising support and training for these customers.  Securing top ad placement in print and digital ad campaigns keeps the consumer focused on our brands.


Our team manages a wide variety of e-commerce accounts that focus on specific category sales.  We have strong relationships with the veteran retail “market makers” within this sales channel.  We provide pertinent digital content to support brand awareness and focused online promotions to drive sales for all our manufacturers within this fast paced channel.


We provide professional services with demos, onsite training and T&E products to this technical channel as this segment needs critical product solutions to the first responder community – bridging strong tactical brands to agencies, LE distributors and dealers – “serving those who live to serve”.

Owens Outdoor sales is the market leader who delivers sales excellence in the outdoor industry.

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